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How to: Bypass a laptop wireless switch

It’s happened to me multiple times at work, a client brings me a laptop saying their wireless isn’t working and it turns out to be the hardware switch for the wireless card on the laptop. You can fix these, but with a lot of new laptops, they are done through a circuit board, and for me it seems a bit excessive to be pulling apart half the laptop and re-soldering or potentially replacing the old circuit board.

If the laptop is using a mini-pci-e wireless adapter (Pretty much industry standards these days) then there is this neat little trick to automatically bypass the switch and keep the wireless card turned on.

If you place a small piece of tape over pin #20, it will completely bypass the laptops on/off switch.
Pin #20 is the second pin after the notch on the side with more notches, on the under side. (Side without antenna plugs)
Make sure your tape is only covering the correct pin and not others. Use electrical tape and not “sticky” tape. It is pretty hard to hard to cut such a small size, but definitely possible!