Nasa break-through in search for alien life

Today NASA has called a press conference for early tomorrow morning (6am Australian EST time) to announce on scientific findings that will impact the search for alien life. NASA will not speculate any further on the topic, so I guess we have to wait and find out!
I’ve seen a few people discussing it could be either to do with a mars rover finding bacterial level life, or perhaps evidence from one of the moons from the Cassini orbiter.

I know I’ll be up at 6AM tomorrow morning!

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How to look backwards in time

So, you want to look backwards in time?
I was discussing the idea with a few friends over the weekend!
It’s theoretically possible.
Every time we look at stars in the sky, we are viewing them in the past relative to the distance they are away from earth (usually measured in light-years).
So, what if we found a body with a reflective surface that was 2000 light years away, and we managed to focus a telescope on it to look back at ourselves like a mirror?
Well, we would see the earth as it was 2000 years ago, as the light that is being reflected would have taken 2000 years to reach us.
A very strange and mind numbing concept, but very amazing to think about šŸ˜€

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Windows XP Reset Loop = sigh

Well working on a clients machine today gave out some frustration.

They have managed to get WinXP stuck in a reboot loop before you can even make it to the desktop.
I can’t even run a Windows repair because of all their Windows auto-updates, so now its a long cut backup, reformat, restore data including serial keys and emails off a slave drive.

Check out Magic Jelly Bean Key Finder!
Awesome little tool!

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Site for a friend

Helping out a friend doing the back-end programming for his portfolio.
I successfully wrote a dynamic portfolio system for the site which includes javascript and jquery in the automation process. The script reads all files from a directory, categorizes them, and displays them on the page.

You can view the test page at

Remember, this is basically an engine test, if you wish to view more of my friends work, check out his blog until his portfolio is finished at

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Ubuntu 10.04 Free Disc Copy

I got my Ubuntu 10.04 free disc copy in the mail today.
Took a couple of weeks, but i’ll add it to my collection

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Web Designer Life

Someone showed me this, It’s hilariously true!
Full version at (number 11)

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IE9 Beta – No XP support

Microsoft has announced the release date for IE 9 beta as September 15

They have also announced that the browser will not beĀ availableĀ for Windows XP users.
It will be for Windows Vista+.
Are you stupid Microsoft? 70% of your users are still using Windows XP!
I have a solution for everyone, go download Firefox or Chrome.
Chances are, it will be a memory whore and just as insecure as the other versions of IE!

Get Firefox here

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