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Interesting Apollo 11 moon landing photos

Well today, I decided to have a closer look at this famous photo of earth that was taken from the moon during the Apollo 11 mission.
You can download the 50.3MB .TIF version of this image from nasa’s website, here is the link.

Seems pretty normal huh? Let’s zoom in a bit (Click to enlarge)
When you zoom in on where the lunar surface meets the horizon on the right hand side, you can see a color difference.
Now that bakes an interesting question, is this a fake image? Possibly, but personally, I’m gonna go with the fact the image would have had to have been scanned from camera negatives that was used in 1969 to take the photo. The aging of the negatives could very easily distort some color and give this effect. Another alternative could be that NASA have edited these images to be more appealing to the public, considering they were taken 41 years ago!

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