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We aren’t always so different..

Today, one defines relations via families and family trees, without factoring time on any sort of astronomical scale. But honestly, there is no real differences between us all. We live in a world of prejudice and hatred, but we were all created by nature over billions of years, from exploding stars, and originally the big bang. We were all once a ray of light in the pristine black vastness of expanding space and time.

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Limits of perception

How does one define the universe?
A human interpretation of the subject is purely based on perceptions.
How can you prove that the universe exists beyond our perceptions?
What other forces are around us that we cannot perceive due to lack of perception.
The universe is perception, and perception is the universe.

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Few moon snaps, 15/01/2011

Took a few moon snaps tonight through my telescope.
Air quality was hazy so they’re not the clearest!

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